Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It is with a heavy heart that I'm writing to let you know of Midge's passing.

Midge (AKA smooshie face) was one of the cats from the hoarder's house that Joa’s Arc was involved with saving.

Spotted several times (initially in photos taken in one of the upstairs bedrooms and then later in person), this little kitten acquired the nickname "Smooshie Face" for obvious reasons. However, every time we went to look for her to remove her, she could not be found ... even on the day of the big evacuation!

Thankfully, mid-September, Joa’s Arc's Jen S "sprung" smooshie face from the house and gave her a real name - Midge. Why? Well, we were told that Midge, due to inbreeding perhaps, was the cat version of a dwarf which was displayed in her with tiny legs with big joints, an oddly shaped head and just, generally, being a tiny girl. Midge was about the size of a kitten, but at least 8 months old. She also turned out to have more than just a smooshie face - she was a big smoosh all together and that's what she'd do whenever you picked her up - smoosh into you. We even took her to a fundraiser - a dog walk - and she smooshed into everyone that wanted to meet her.

Unfortunately, these same genetic features that caused her small size also factored into her short life...

Even with the knowledge Midge would not have a very long life, our wonderful friend Pam (a vet tech) decided to adopt Midge. The above photo is Midge on her way to work (the vet's) with her mom) and below is a recent photo of Midge smooshed in with two of her "siblings".

Here are some words from Midge's adopter, Pam, from just a couple weeks ago:
"She is doing absolutely fantastic. She has settled in nicely and is thriving. She does have some liver issues and fluid in her abdomen, but I am using natural supplements and chinese herbs mixed into her food daily to keep her as healthy as possible. Her favorite thing is to follow us around the house and do her little silent meow to let us know that she wants her food bowl filled. The little porker has gained 1/2 a pound & is now just under 4lbs total! My husband Rick has also given her several new nicknames - ShortRound, Pudge Girl & Miss Piggy! Despite her rough start, she is thriving and we are so pleased to have her as a part of our family!"

Even though it was for a short time, we know that Midge knew comfort, a full belly and all the love she wanted thanks to Pam and her family. For that, we are so very grateful.

RIP, Midgie girl.

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  1. so sorry to hear of midges passing. thank you for giving her the life she deserved even if it was for a short time,she knew she was truly loved.

  2. awww! I loved her little smoooshie face! thank you for getting her out of that house and finding her a wonderful place to live and be loved!! As i write this, one of her former housemates sleeps or should i say snores on my shoulder. Hope suffered a broken leg there and although it healed, it is very deformed. Luckily she doesn't seemed to be bothered by it much and runs around like a maniac! Thanks for stepping in and helping to rescue all of the sweet babies that lived there!

  3. Many thanks to Joyce and all the others involved in rescuing Midge and all the other cats from that house. Without their commitment and determination, my family & I would never have had the joy, priviledge and pleasure of caring for our little Short Round. A very short time in our loves, but forever in our hearts.


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