Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Made It To Kanab

Well we made it to kanab after 12 hours of traveling

We stopped at the Border Store which is a liquor store on the Arizona border 5 miles outside of town. Helen the owner dubs herself the Ugly Liquior Lady. She is such a character and is always glad to see us. We took her nice comfy slippers because she has trouble with her feet and a bouquet of flowers. She is a feisty one but a kind soul who we look forward to seeing every year.

We are exhausted but looking forward to our adventures. We will be heading to Best Friends in the morning to take the tour which we always do since there is always changes. Then lunch with friends then exploring Angels Canyon.

Want to know where Joyce M volunteers every year and is blogging from? Check out Best Friends Animal Society

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  1. Joyce wish I was there with you. Sharon and I will be in Kanab in August.


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