Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Alexa Update

happy tail here for Alexa!

Her mom writes: Alexa was rescued from a hoarding situation and subsequently had to undergo surgery to remove her eye. When she first came to live with us she was scared and shy. She spent a few weeks hiding behind our washing machine... Gradually she began to come out to explore, but had no trust in people. With a lot of love (and food) she has become the cat that she is today.

Fast forward 3 years, Alexa is outgoing, happy and has no fear of anything. She loves attention and will gladly snuggle up with anyone who will let her. Her biggest fear now is that someone will forget to feed her…although that is probably not possible as she has become quite the talker. Having only one eye does not slow her down either. Alexa is the best spricket (spider-cricket)/rogue mouse killer in the land. She is always leaving us presents around the house.


She has really blossomed into a sweet and loving princess (although if you ask her she thinks she’s the queen).

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