Friday, October 10, 2014

Update on Flea

Happy 5 years today and to celebrate ... here's Flea!!!!!!!!!!

It's hard to believe how far our little Flea has come, but here he is now...

His mom wrote us saying: Hey there, I'm Dara, Flea's forever Mom.

Flea was rescued by Joa's Arc about 3 years ago and found to have neurological damage from flea medication poisoning. He was a tiny spunky little kitten who used to perch up on my shoulder, but he's grown into a totally awesome cat with attitude! He has no lasting neurological damage as far as I can tell. He's smart as a whip - comes when I call his name, sits, lays and gives a paw. He's my sweet baby boy and I can't imagine my life without him.

The last few years have been incredibly rough but Flea is always there for me to hang out or cuddle which usually includes dragging a box up onto my bed to sleep in. He's totally fearless. He loves yelling at the birds every morning and chasing desert lizards when we're out for walks. He even yowled back at a black bear in the Rocky Mountains when it came to close to our car. He's crazy about Temptation treats and loves visiting my Grammy Gabbers because she will feed him every can of tuna in the house. We'll be traveling for a while more, but we're hoping to adopt a sister kitty for Flea once we come home to stay. We'll be definitely be adopting from Joa's again!

Keep on living the good life, Flea! And we'll find you a special "sister" when the time's right ;)

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