Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jozee Update

While looking for one lost dog, Jen W's family was called to come ID a possible match. It wasn't her, but it was a homeless dog in need who had been hit by a car and was shelter bound... so she came home with them. Attempts were made to find her family, but Josie was never claimed and after several months found a new forever home.

From Jozee's family: Here are a few pictures of our Jozee (formerly Josie) girl!

She is​ doing wonderful here! She is full of endless amounts of crazy energy! She loves to play with all of her toys, us, her uncle Radar (my in-laws dog), and pretty much anyone else that will let her. She loves to go for walks, and we even took her on a hike recently and she was so good! We can't wait to get her out on more of those, and we are even hoping to get her out camping in the near future. And of course she just loves love, and won't let you stop giving it to her if she has the chance (she will literally shove her head under your hand for petting if she can find it!).

We are always toying with getting her another brother or sister to play with all day long, though sometimes she is such a spoiled princess we aren't sure if she really wants one!

We can't believe that we are coming up on two years since we brought her home. She brightens our day every time we walk in the door.


We are so thankful that she found her way to your family and Joa's Arc so that we could give her a fur-ever home.

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