Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dog(s) Day

This post is being posted from New Jersey, but believe me - all of it's from Utah where our Joyce M is currently volunteering at Best Friends.

First off, Joyce posted this wonderful picture yesterday on Facebook.

Older dogs are not only "extra special", but this one in particular means a lot to Joyce and "the Jersey Girls." This is Mr. Bones, old man, Dogtown star, proof that even older ones deserve (and can find) adopters and a dog who even in death is loved very much. Joyce wrote yesterday, "Mr. Bones - Saw this on the wall at Dogtown. Mr Bones with his mom, Sharon. Adopt an older dog!!"

After helping his new mom raise the money to make the long journey from Utah to the east coast with Mr. Bones (he couldn't fly due to his age and frail condition), the Jersey Girls returned Mr. Bones's ashes in April 2009 to finally rest at Angels Rest.

We also got word yesterday from Joyce that her bud, Lucas, had recently passed some tests and was allowed to have visitors. Joyce texted me, "So excited. Spending hands on time with Lucas a vicktory dog after lunch!!!"

Overcome with excitement, it looks like Joyce needed a bit of a nap (note her awesome shirt - Joa’s Arc!), so she took a nap during lunch... or maybe, like a cat, she's just soaking up the sun.

Back to Lucas - This is the first time in several years that Joyce and Elena will finally be able to touch Lucas, who they have loved through a cage. Lucas was one of 20-some dogs to come to best friends and be deemed the "Vicktory Dogs" - Lucas was never to be adopted out or handled by anyone other than staff and that, believe it or not, was a blessing since a lot of places were calling for the death of these dogs. Best Friends and Lucas proved those wrong though and he's making a wonderful recovery!

Elena wrote, "Vick's main fighting dog is now a dog who loves people and is able to have visitors! Go Best Friends!"

Joyce wrote, "I can't describe how happy I was to finally show Lucas hands on love. He is such a love and quite the kisser. Five years of admiring from afar. This is one of the reasons I love BF's....they never give up."

Below is a quick video Joyce took while with Lucas yesterday also to which she added the note: "Our visit with Lucas, a Vicktory dog that was one of seven that was just purple collared which means he can have volunteers come into his run. Very emotional for us. He is a love!"

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