Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wow another long day in Kanab

Wow another long day in Kanab.

Nancy, Elena and another friend, also named Joyce who lives in Kanab, started out at Best Friends at 10am to do the tour. Although we are frequent visitors, doing the tour is necessary to us because there are always changes and it is a great way to see what is new. Thousands of people yearly come to take the tour, it is offered for free which I think is really cool. Here is a link to some of it:

First, we watched an intro DVD in the visitor center giving a little history of BF's, their mission of a no-kill nation, their programs and how everyone can help to achieve this. One statement that was said that hit home was "There is someone for every homeless animal, some just take a little longer to find". Hmmm, makes you wonder doesn't it?

We always follow behind the tour vans in our convertible and are given a DVD to listen to about the sanctuary along with a walkie talkie to talk to the guide if necessary. Raven was our guide today and has been for the past couple years. She is terrific. No matter how many times I ride thru the canyon, the beauty is overwhelming...

We stopped in a section of cats and one cat, Mr Jimmy, was working his magic on me, trying hard to convince me to take him home. I look in the eyes of these cats and think, "kitties, you are in heaven compared to other places in this world" They are the lucky ones.

After completing the tour which is about 90 minutes, we went to Angels Village to lunch. There we met many of our friends, having lunch with several of the founders of BF's. They always make us feel special, like they couldn't do it without us. Of course, we know they can, but it feels so good to be appreciated. Honestly they treat all the volunteers like that too, which is the way any rescue or shelter should do. After lunch we explored the canyon, climbing some rocks and walking some trails. It was breath taking and fun.

Just ran around the rest of the day then grabbed a quick dinner. Just as we were settling down around 8:30pm, there was a knock on the door. To our surprise, Joyce and Ed Bush stopped over to visit. We met them several years ago when we rented one of their rentals and became great friends. They owned the local pharmacy and worked long hours, but we were always able squeeze a lunch or dinner in with them and visit their lovely home and their adorable two dogs. Well they sold the pharmacy and are now retired so it was a great evening sitting chatting with them. They are two of the most generous, kind-hearted people I have ever met.

Oh and one more thing. We were told several of the Vicktory dogs passed their canine tests and are now allowed to have visitors in their runs. We are so excited. Over the past five years, we have watched these poor, abused, tortured dogs learn to trust humans and experience love. They have made such strides. Last year I would sit outside their runs, talking to them thru a fence and now it looks like I will actually be able to sit inside and touch them, I am so excited. Talk with you tomorrow! - Joyce

Want to know where Joyce M volunteers every year and is blogging from? Check out Best Friends Animal Society

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