Thursday, May 3, 2012

Long walks

Today we took Candy, our sleepover dog, back to Old Friends after a great night with her. Candy is young, under 5 years, but had an autoimmune problem that needed special attention and that is why she went to Old Friends. Last night was Candy's very first sleep over and she did great. We know she will be adopted - she is a great dog!

After taking her home, we headed over to Dogtown and up to the Lodges, our favorite place to work. Nancy was assigned to making meals, Elena and I headed out to dog walk. Now I know that may not be a fancy assignment, but by us doing these things, it frees up the caretakers to do other important things.

The walking trail winds up and down the canyon and the scenery is beautiful. But I have to admit, you really get a work out doing it. The trail up and back must be a little under a mile with steep inclines. This is why all the caretakers are so nice a slim. My first walk was with my friend Lucas, a Vicktory dog. I was told he may not walk the entire distance, so to let him be the judge of it. So off we go...

Lucas was so happy - stopping to smell everything and occasionally just gazing off, sniffing the air. He is enjoying his new life, filled with hands-on love from volunteers and nice walks. When we got to the very end of the trail and it was time to turn around, he froze by a bench that is there. I tried to get him to move but he just sat down, so I joined him. Seems all he wanted was some love and to kiss me for a few minutes, then he was ready to go.

I have to say, when the walks are over, the dogs are excited to get back in their runs. They know they will get a treat and love their runs because each animal is loved and treated with respect.

After Lucas, it was time to walk Yo-Yo, a chocolate pitty that is so sweet. We went up the first incline and then she decided it was nap time - laid right down, rolled on her back and refused to move. I sat with her rubbing her belly until another dog walker came along. Then, I had to make her move because walkers are not allowed to allow any dogs to come in contact. Everyone has to maintain a safe distance from each other.

After Yo-Yo was home, off I went with Snow, a medium size. long hair dog that was a sweetheart. She almost pulled my arm out of socket because she was a lizard leaper, so intent on catching them. Luckily for all the lizards, they all got away. Right before lunch we were assigned another special assignment which will be available hints!!

We are exhausted and covered with red sand, but feel great! Obviously I love being here and love the work of Best Friends. They should be applauded for saving the Vicktory dogs, fighting the legal battles and investing the time, effort and finances to rehab these dogs. They have proved to the world that it can be done although we knew it all along. The day to day caretakers of these dogs deserve a standing ovation because it was their daily dedication and love that has helped these poor dogs learn what love is.

Tonight we are meeting friends at our favorite place, the Buffalo Bistro, for dinner and they are in for a surprise - we are going formal! Yep that's what the evening gowns are for. Hey, we work hard, but we also have to have fun!!!

Later, friends....

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