Friday, September 29, 2017

Adopt A Less Adoptable Week Bug A Boo Update

With the possible hydrocephalus diagnosis for Joa's Arc foster kitten Miagi, you know who came to mind: Bug A Boo (now Cricket) and we were lucky enough to hear from her mom! Cricket's mom wrote to us and said we could share this exciting update:

I was just thinking of you since I had Cricket imaged at work yesterday. Finally had the MRI done - possible issues with her limbo sacral area of her spine. Fortunately her spine is beautiful. We imaged her brain as well since she was already under general anesthesia. She truly is a miracle!!! The hydrocephalus is so severe (the worst anyone had ever seen) that she really does not have a brain! I am glad that I was finally able to see what was going on in her little head.

The scan also answered a lot of questions for me. She will never be able to decrease or eliminate the Omeprazole or the phenobarbital and she will never be a candidate for the surgery - not enough brain to place a shunt. In spite of all her challenges, she continues to do extremely well and is so sweet. Absolutely amazing and we love her so much!!!!

I think that I realize that I have a thing for hydrocephalus animals - we adopted a "Cockalear" puppy back in April of this year with severe hydrocephalus that is probably a result of a malformation of her skull called "chiari". She is really sweet and doing amazingly well also. Her name is Francie (short for Francessca). We are smitten with her as well. Although I think that Oakley, my Dane, is not sure why we brought her home. You really can't tell anything is wrong with Francie except for her little dom shaped head.

We are so excited to be able to share this update about how Cricket continues to defy ALL the odds she's had stacked against her since birth. Amazing and so fascinating about her brain (or lack of) too, right? She's such a rare, amazing little girl!! And she is so so lucky to have her forever family.


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