Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Miagi has hydrocephalus

Today Miagi was seen by neurologist Dr Benedicenti, DVM at the University of Penn. We will be treating him for possible toxoplasmosis and hydrocephalus. Dr Benedicenti suggests an MRI after the treatment for toxo is complete. This treatment is a four week course of clindamycin and if he has toxo we should see an improvement in his neuro status. Testing for toxo is inconclusive, so treating is the appropriate course of action to rule it out.

As for the hydrocephalus, he just recently started to exhibit signs of it. This may be secondary to a lesion in his brain. An MRI will be done in the weeks to come as long as he remains stable. At his age, MRI imaging can easily miss a minuscule lesion so waiting four to six weeks will be beneficial. Luckily his foster mom is highly experienced with hydro, so he is in good hands.

He also is deaf and has vision only out of one eye.

We will be doing a special fundraiser in the near future for Miagi's medical expenses. Of course, this is not what we wanted to hear, but we will move forward and do whatever needs to be done since he is a happy, sweet kitten that melts the hearts of everyone he meets. Please see the video of Miagi below - this is why we do what we do: he loves life!

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