Thursday, September 28, 2017

Adopt A Less Adoptable Week Cricket

Our little Cricket was born with RH and so her front limbs are "twisted" making the way she gets around different. Though this definitely makes her "special", it doesn't make her challenging to care for and Cricket certainly doesn't realize there's anything "different" about her.

Cricket was adopted by her foster (and now forever) mom, Emily, who wrote to us saying:
Cricket was my first foster kitten. In the beginning when I agreed to foster, I had no intentions on keeping her. At first, she was scared, standoffish and understandably frightened of my other cats. So, I thought, "Well, this won't be too hard", but as time went on she started to grow on me, loving her head rubs, purring and my cat, Sheldon, just fell in love with her. I fell in love with her too pretty quickly after that and I realized that I was going to have a hard time giving her up.

Cricket soon realized that being the only little girl in the house was to her benefit and she has since ruled this house. She developed a close relationship with her older brother, Sheldon, who just loves wrestling with her - and she usually wins and can then be caught chasing him around the house. It's rather amusing to see all of her four older brothers cater to her knowing she is the one in control. She has become very spoiled and makes it known to everyone when she enters the room, usually at full speed, letting out her little girly cry. She's ornery and sassy and she makes me laugh everyday. She's obsessed with treats and wet food, loves catnip, wrestling, and has taken over the top of the cat tree where you can usually find her laying in the sun all day...

And, her little crooked front legs just make her extra cute in my eyes.

This was a great experience for me and I plan on fostering again in the future. It's a trial and error kind of experience (learning as you go along) that is so rewarding in the end. Thank you, Joa's Arc, from the bottom of my heart. You brought my late Winston into my life and now Cricket.

*Note: we don't call a foster who adopts a "foster failure" - we call them wonderful adopters! Thank you, Emily, for caring for Cricket and welcoming her into your family forever.


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