Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Adopt A Less Adoptable Week Layla the TriPod

A special spotlight for a special kitty. Her foster mom writes:

Layla* is a beautiful 4 year old kitty who had an unfortunate and very traumatic incident with a dog. Her leg was broken and so damaged that it had to be amputated. So Layla is now what we call a tri-pod kitty.

While she now only has 3 legs, Layla has adapted very well. She has learned to balance herself and gets around like any other cat. Layla is very sweet, loving and friendly. All she does is purr and make biscuits. She will follow you around and she will also hop up on the sofa to lay with you – purring the entire time. She can be a little shy initially (like a lot of cats), but warms up very quickly. It has only been about 3 weeks since her surgery and she is already acting just like any other cat.

Fostering is so crucial and Layla is a purrfect example of that. For a kitty like Layla, her future was uncertain and so the shelter made a social-media post about needing a foster for her. They wanted Layla to recover in a clean, calm environment with a family to tend and keep a close eye on her - giving Layla the best shot they could.

Layla's foster mom is no stranger to fostering special pets and kitties. In her words, she's a sucker! :) But we did ask her about fostering special needs pets and why she stepped up for Layla. She said: I honestly saw her post - and of course we are all visual so there were pictures and I felt really bad. I felt bad for her situation, but I also felt bad that she would have to recover in a shelter in a crate/cage with her incision. How would she learn to walk being in a crate? Not bashing shelters - they do what they can, but even the kindest, most animal-centered ones are limited... every shelter is super crowded, super busy, super loud and knowing how it's hard for the "special needs" ones to get what they need in a shelter environment... I just stepped up for Layla. I had to. I didn't even really have the space - I had to put her in a bathroom until I could shift things around in my house for her, but even in the bathroom, she could at least hop around.

So, according to this foster mom, sometimes you see a picture and you just jump in, which I guess really is the case a lot of times. In doing special needs rescue, we say yes not always knowing how long we'll have them or how much work it'll be - it's sometimes trial & error as we learn what they need to make their lives as comfortable & happy as possible. But the most important aspect, the thing that makes it all worth it - is they are safe and have the chance at a great life because you said yes to fostering. Layla's recovering in a wonderful foster home because someone stepped up for her and she's got a shot at a wonderful (3-legged) future in front of her.

*Layla is located in South Jersey, but is not with Joa's Arc rescue. If you have any interest in giving her a forever home, let us know and we can put you in contact with her foster mom.


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