Friday, June 15, 2012

Gabe Has Been Adopted!!

A year to the day that he was cleared for adoption, our wonderful, lovable, goofy Gabe has been adopted!!!!!!!

That's right, Gabe has finally gone home with his furever family and we could not be more excited for him.

It's undeniable that after the amount of time he's been with Joa’s Arc that we have all grown very attached to Gabe, especially his foster family, but a home of their own is always the goal for our extra special furbabies.

Gabe's new family actually wrote us just this morning saying: "I just wanted you to know that Gabe is GREAT!!!! He is adjusting to his "forever" home, beautifully. Our stairs were a challange at first, but he now is, as Jeff says, the "stair master". He gets along well with all our other pets, but Cecelia, our little terrier, is still a little afraid when Gabe shows he wants to play by pouncing at her. It's really fun to watch.

Thank you so much for choosing us as Gabe's family. He really is a special boy."

A great big thank you and hug to Gabe's family. May he bring you all the happiness (and laughs) that we know that goofy boy is capable of.

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