Friday, June 22, 2012

Update on Coco

From his foster mom: UPDATE: COCO - the Starved Pittie from Camden

Coco is doing amazingly well. He is enjoying life and LOVES his friend Adeline - another Camden County Animal Shelter Pit Bull that was dumped by her owner in a field.

Coco's blood work came back perfect and it appears that his sight is improving. He is a smart pup and is learning his commands. He now knows "sit" and "off". We are continuing to work on his housebreaking (that's why he is wearing his belly wrap) and he is showing tremendous improvement. Coco will be ready for adoption soon so please keep him in mind - he deserves the BEST home.

Thanks again to everyone who helped Coco: ACO John Micklewright, Camden County Animal Shelter, Joa’s Arc, those who donated to his care and everyone who shared his plight. It takes an army to save one dog - but by working together we can help so many.

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