Friday, June 15, 2012

Meet Coco

Coco is a 8 month old chocolate pit bull boy who came into our care at just 20 lbs!

Left in his home in Camden, NJ, after his owner was arrested, a neighbor alerted Camden City Animal Control of his condition.

Coco is now in foster care with our good friend, Karen, so he can gain some weight and get ready to be adopted to someone very special who will make sure Coco only knows love for the rest of his life.

When Coco saw the vet several days after coming into Karen/Joa’s Arc's care, he had already gained a pound, was walking again (he wasn't the first day) and his blood work looked good for the physical condition he was in.

His foster mom wrote just yesterday: "This morning I let him out at 6:30(AM) then we went back upstairs. When I got back in bed he was walking all around my bedroom...then he came to the side of the bed and put his paws up to come in bed. It was too cute. He climbed in bed - put is head on the pillow and his body next to me and fell sleep. :)"

Joa’s Arc is happy to help Karen help Coco to recover and, in turn, assist Camden County Animal Shelter in their efforts to give every animal in need a chance ... even the "extra special" ones.

Donations for Coco's care can be made to:
Joa’s Arc
PO Box 243
Audubon, NJ 08106

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1 comment:

  1. I just met Coco (& Karen) at L'Oreal's Your Dog
    Is Worth It Too event. What a sweetie! I'm putting together a blog post & will be including his photo. We don't get a lot of "traffic" yet, but we're happy to have met him & hope that he gets his furever home soon.
    Theresa & Prudence


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