Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Please Help Us Help Daphne

Poor Daphne has not has an easy start to life. She's just a couple months old and look at the condition she's in!

This adorable little pup was brought into a local shelter with some extensive injuries. Although she looked like a normal, happy puppy, it was quite obvious something was wrong with her when she stumbled around when trying to be playful. Here's a video of how she was walking when we first got her:

Daphne apparently had an old fracture in her front left leg, which recently was re-injured causing even more damage.

Further complicating poor Daphne's condition is the fact her front right foot also needs attention - there is some bad hyper-extension (soft tissue damage) going on either from the same trauma that hurt her other leg or from over-compensation when trying to not put weight on the other. Either way this poor girl has two legs that need to be medically looked at and treated ... and Joa’s Arc needs your help to do that.

Miss Daphne went to see an ortho surgeon the other night and it appears as if this lady lucked out - she might not need surgery!!

Although Daphne suffered some sort of abuse, her bones appear to be fairly lined up and she doesn't seem to be in any pain ... so instead of risking damaging her growth plates further with surgery & screws, Dr. Coudrai feels that basically a full upper body wrap should do the trick - taking pressure off the fractured upper leg bone on her left side while also bracing/supporting her right wrist.

Daphne's treatment plan requires sedation and wrapping once a week for at least the next 3 weeks to allow her legs to heal. Then, rehab to try to get some mobility back. It's not surgery, but this is not a cheap process either, so Joa’s Arc is asking for your generosity.

You can make a donation through one of the methods to the right (mailing a check to our PO Box or using our PayPal link) or using the widget above to donate through our ChipIn page (also available here:

Please remember all donations are tax deductible now that we are a official 501c3.

Thank you from Daphne!

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