Thursday, September 30, 2010

Elvis :(

Elvis came to Joa’s Arc with severe neurological problems in May of this year from a wonderful rescuer named Susan from North Jersey. Joyce wrote “from the moment I saw him, I was in love - from that cute little nose with a dab of black, all the way down to that wiggling butt.” He was just 8 weeks old then and Joyce made the generous decision to love and care for Elvis as long as possible.

Elvis, named appropriately for his wiggly hips and butt (the area his neurological issues effected the most), didn't let his disabilities get in the way of loving life or people. Though he shook terribly and had a hard time getting around sometimes, Elvis still loved everything about life - whether it was playing with his foster siblings or snuggling up with anyone nearby. Because of these traits and that sweet little face, it was hard for anyone that met Elvis to not fall in love.

Elvis, like several animals that have come into Joa’s Arc’s care, are just temporary blessings though. Neurological disorders as severe as Elvis’s were are not only difficult for the people that have to care for them, but difficult on their precious little bodies. In July, Elvis started having seizures and although Joa’s Arc got him on to medication, it wasn’t helping. Initially, after Elvis would seize, Joyce would pick him up and he would head butt her and purr as if saying, “I’m alright! What are you so worked up about? Pet me!” Over the last month or so though, Elvis grew tired and his body just couldn't take the ruthlessness of the seizures anymore.

On Tuesday, September 26th, comforted and surrounded by friends, Elvis crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Homes for animals like Elvis are often very hard to find. These animals require supervision, patience, cleaning (picture a cat trying to groom its self while its head or rear end wiggle uncontrollably), sometimes medication, the knowledge that they might not live the full life of a “normal” pet and, for animals like this who find themselves in shelters, the reality that the right person may not come along. These are commitments that a lot of people and especially shelters cannot make. However, it is because of people like Joa’s Arc’s Joyce that animals like Elvis get to live the best and longest life possible in love and comfort until they no longer can anymore.

Thank you, Joyce, for loving Elvis and for making the difficult decision to let him go to peace.

Joyce wrote upon Elvis’s passing, “Please don't feel sad for Elvis. He had a short, but wonderful life ... feel sad for the ones like Elvis that aren't given the chance.”

Rest in peace, Elvis. You were loved!
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  1. Elvis came to me at 2 weeks old after being abandoned in a cardboard box with his 3 brothers. At first look it was obvious that he was different from the others but despite the shaking, he took to the bottle vigorously.

    As the weeks went by he grew bigger and stronger. He did his very best to keep up with his brothers and tried with all his might to stalk, pounce and run with them. They treated him as no different from themselves and he was "one of the guys" just extra special.

    What he lacked in strength and coordination he more than made up with affection, playful curiousity and incredible spirit and determination.

    When the boys were old enough for adoption I knew that I needed to find a special foster home for Elvis that was better suited to deal with his limitations than I was with my crazy giant puppy, large older dog, my cats and foster cats and Elvis' brothers.

    When a plea went out for a foster home for Elvis Joyce and Joa's Ark answered that plea. It was with sadness and joy that I prepared to give Elvis up. I would miss snuggling with him, receiving his sweet kisses, hearing his loud purr and maybe even the most, his wonderful spirit.

    But when meeting Joyce I immediately and happily knew that Elvis and I had just met his perfect foster mom. I knew that he would loved and cared in the best of hands.

    I enjoyed getting the update and pictures and my heart was happy seeing Elvis so happy and so loved.

    It was with great sadness that I heard the news from Joyce of Elvis' passing but also with gratitude knowing that his trials were over, no more shaking, no more exhaustion. He had told Joyce that he was tired and Joyce lovingly let him rest.

    Words cannot express my thanks to Joyce and all of the other very special volunteers of Joa's Ark who loved and will miss Elvis. It take extra special people to care for the "extra special" ones.

    Till we meet again Elvis, I love you. Rest in Peace.

    Sue H

  2. We aren't sad for Elvis - it's the rest of us that we are sad for:)


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