Thursday, September 9, 2010

Update: Bucky aka Kreach

Bucky (aka "4 ears", "yoda", "cutie", "kreacher", etc) has been on the road a bit lately and, as you can see, has acquired quite a few nicknames.

"Kreach", Bucky's most common nickname at my house (for the cat from Harry Potter), frequently comes to work with me since everyone loves him. Throughout the day, people come behind the front desk to ogle at and kiss this cute little guy. Kreach, of course, takes it all in stride.

A little over a week ago, we headed to our trusted vet, Dr. John at Tri County Animal Hospital, to get a better idea what was going on with this little guy. Kreach made quite an impression on Dr. John who said he had resisted the urge to do any research before seeing Kreach because he "wanted to be surprised." From the appointment, we gathered that Kreach definitely has some neurological issues which are obvious by the fact he cannot blink his left eye at all. Instead, Kreach has adapted by using his third eye lid to lubricate his eye. We are not really sure at this time what can be causing this or what else could be affected. Moving on with the eye issues, Kreacher also has cataracts already which could remain the way they are now or get progressively worse as he gets older. He also has limited vision, but since he's a just a baby, he seems to be adapting to this disability. He uses his whiskers a lot to feel around and those big ears to make up for his partial vision loss. On a good note though, his blood work came back well, leaving his stunted growth as a mystery for now. At our vet visit, he was less than 2lbs when he should be well over 3lb by now with his age.

More recently though, Kreach and I also went to a meeting recently for Joa’s Arc, which was much more along the lines of a gathering of the strange, special and unique. Oddly enough, it was the mostly "normal" cats at Jen S's house that seemed to intimidate Kreacher into staying put in his carrier instead of coming out to play. Apparently he'll take people coddling and cooing at him over his own species any day. Tweet This

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