Sunday, September 5, 2010

Introducing Scooter

How can you resist that little face?! I found it impossible... even after I found out the little munchkin was a paraplegic kitten who drags his back legs around. Thankfully, so did Joa’s Arc volunteer Jen S and these two adorable kittens are now safe in foster care with Joa’s Arc. Meet Scooter and his littermate, Bump. Although Scooter's "normal" littermates had somewhere safe to go, we were told that Bump loved him and followed Scooter everywhere. Did we mention Bump doesn't have any tail either? It's a fact! She barely even has a "bump" of a tail on her rump.

Scooter and Bump were on the patio of a nice lady in Southern New Jersey. Although they were barely done nursing from their mom, we felt it best to get them into foster care due to the fact they were living outside and that their semi-feral mom cat had made several attempts at moving them to places where we could not reach them. We felt it best to get Scooter and Bump inside and safe, especially since Scooter is paraplegic - dragging his back legs around from the hips down. Here is a cute photo of Joa’s Arc volunteer Joyce M getting ready to help feed the babies their first night in foster care. Scooter is happy exploring. Bump is so impatient for food she seems to be considering just climbing into the cup of food.

The video is dark, but you can get an idea of how Scooter gets himself around. Although Scooter has an obvious disability, he doesn't know there is anything wrong with him. It is hard for us not to go weak in the knees for paraplegic kittens and just like Joa, whose spirit encouraged Joa's Arc's mission, quickly stole everyone's heart, Scooter seems to be doing the same already... and Bump too! The two are quite the adorable pair.

Stay tuned in here for more information and updates on Scooter & Bump. Feel free to donate towards their continual care too. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Tweet This


  1. Soooooooooo cute! Any hope for Scooter to walk?

  2. Scooter will never walk normally but have no fear, these hind end paralyzed kittens scoot all over. Eventually Scooter will be flying all over once he builds up his upper body muscles. He gets around just fine now but he will be whizzing around like lightning in the future.

  3. Is Scooter up for adoption? Beccause this lil guy has stolen my heart and i would love to give him a forever home.

  4. Scooter is not ready for adoption yet, he is too young. Any potential adopter must be ready to devote lots of time caring for Scooter due to his special needs. Thanks.


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