Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spotlight On Weenie

The fall makes us think of lots of things - pumpkins, changing leaves, warm apple cider ... and Halloween. Meet Joa’s Arc Halloween (aka "Weenie")! Weenie is a beautiful calico girl in need of a new home due to her owners moving away and not thinking to take her. Maybe it was for the best though. Weenie had been living as an outside cat, but she is very affectionate cat who deserves a loving, safe inside home.

In updating Weenie with her vaccinations, Weenie's first foster mom found out that Weenie is FIV+. Weenie could live in a home with other FIV+ cats or, honestly, in just about any home! FIV is not as scary as it sounds.

Though you should do some research for yourself, here are some basic facts:

  • - The "F" in FIV stands for "feline," so humans and dogs can't catch it.
  • - The only way FIV is passed through spayed/neutered cats is from deep, deep bite wounds during fighting, which can be avoided with proper introductions like when any new cat comes into a home.
  • - the viral strains of FIV used in laboratories were very virulent, and much previously published information is based on this. However, FIV strains in cats living normal lives tend to be much more benign and may never cause disease. *keep this in m ind when doing research*
  • - T he FIV virus has a long incubation period, so a cat who tests FIV+ may live free of FIV-related disease for a lifetime.

Back to Weenie though – she is a gorgeous cat who gets along with other cats (she lived with two other cats before who were both FIV negative) and she is very affectionate with people too as her foster family can tell you. She is playful, talkative and an all around super cat! Please consider adopting her because she really deserves a super life.

It is "Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week" this week! What a perfect week for the animals of Joa’s Arc.

Check back each day for a new post about some of the great animals that are in our care or have found wonderful new homes thanks to Joa’s Arc. Keep in mind Joa’s Arc is constantly getting requests about animals in need like these special furbabies on our site. Even a dollar will help! Please donate what you can to the animals of Joa’s Arc:

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