Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Introducing Buster

Buster was tied to the fence along with two other dogs at Camden County Animal Shelter ("CCAS") about a month ago. One of Joa’s Arc's volunteers, Joyce M, was at the shelter when a shelter worker walked by with Buster. He was terrified! The poor boy was walking along the wall to avoid any human contact. Joa’s Arc's Joyce M was so upset seeing this type of behavior. Although CCAS was doing a great job with him, Buster was clearly petrified and the shelter is a very hard environment to teach a dog to trust after who knows what Buster had been through. Two days later after not sleeping, Joa’s Arc's Joyce M went and pulled Buster to take him into foster care. My the things you learn then!

You learn things like Buster loves other animals - dogs and cats! Foster care has shown that although it looked like Buster did not trust humans, that is not the case. Buster is a bit shy with new people, but within minutes he will be kissing your hand. He also loves to sleep in bed with his foster mom and always has to be touching her.

Buster was also thought to be 3 - 5 years old, but that doesn't seem to be the case either. His blossoming behavior and temperament point towards Buster being like more around just a year old, if that. He is full of energy, loves to chew like a teething pup who hasn't learned better ... and Buster so friggin cute. Ok, maybe that's not exactly relevant, but it's true! He is easily corrected when getting into trouble and hasn't been the type to repeat mistakes. He is crate trained, but only if you anchor the crate down because he seems to be a great escape artist - with tactics including guilt trips like crying pathetically until you feel bad.

Maybe Buster smelled a sweet soul in Joa’s Arc's Joyce M? He sure has opened up in foster care with her! Aside from being initially so shy, Buster has no real "special" needs and is available to be adopted. Buster just needs a good active home that is ready for a almost full-grown pup. Tweet This

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