Monday, December 27, 2010

Looking Ahead to 2011

Nennee stole hearts first when she was found abandoned on a shelf at a pet store. A brat in foster care and a mush out in public, it was hard to deny that there was any cat quite like our Nennee! Adorable Nennee was in foster care for awhile because she required surgery to correct eye lid deformities. When old enough, Joa's Arc provided that for her. Not long after Nennee was healed and adopted by her foster mom, a small kitten looking just like Nennee was found in a road also suffering from eye issues. Joa's Arc took this kitten in and named her Minnen (Mini Nennee). Recently, Minnen was spayed and had her one deformed eye removed. Minnen has recovered wonderfully and is now waiting for a home to call her own - maybe she'll have more luck in 2011.

This time of year finds Joa's Arc looking ahead to 2011 with two more kittens who would not have survived to see the holidays if it had not been for Joa's Arc. While at a local shelter, Joyce M was pulled aside and shown two kittens with obvious eyelid deformities. These kittens could not get the very obvious extensive medical attention they needed at this shelter. Phil and Lil are now safe in foster care with Joa's Arc and will be seeing an eye specialist when they are old enough.

These eye-deformities kittens are just a few of the countless special needs animals Joa's Arc has helped this year. Cup of Joe the Poodle had surgery to repair his broken leg and has since been adopted into a wonderful home in PA. Scooter the paraplegic kitten was taken off the streets and is safe in foster care now. Buster the severely shy Beagle is now living it up in his adopted home getting into all sorts of trouble. Valentine the cat found with a blow dart in her eye was rescued, recovered from the abuse she survived and has found a wonderful adopter to love her forever. Flea, the kitten poisoned with a Hartz flea product, made a complete recovery and is waiting for an adoptive home now.

We could not have done any of this without your help and support! Thank you for your continued support for the extra special animals and please enjoy your holiday! Tweet This

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